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Utilization of innovation results at Kollár-Vill Bt

Beneficiary of the project: Kollár-Vill Bt

Amount of aid granted by the European Union and the Hungarian State: 7 085 000 Ft

Construction time: 2012.08.1-2012.12.31.

The Kollár-Vill founded in 1994. The main activity was the repair of electric motors. Initially, 2 people worked at the company, this number has now grown to over 15. Most of our specialists have 25-30 years of professional experience in improving electric rotary machines.

Over the next 20 years our activity has been expanded. We also deal with the repair and maintenance of engines powered by motors. We are doing vibration diagnostic tests since 2007 and are able to perform dynamic balancing at the customers’ premises. With our laser setting instruments we can also perform pre-commissioning work.

Most of our customers are manufacturing plants in Tatabánya, Leo and Gyor Industrial Park. Our new site was built in August 2012, where we can carry out our activities under modern conditions.

Purchasing of machines with application support facilitates and simplifies material handling. By acquiring the vibration data collection and balancing instrument, it is possible to meet the needs of our customers more widely.

Acquired assets:

  • Bakdaru structure with electric chain hoist
  • Dynamic balancing kit for Viber X5
  • Doosan 3-Support AC Power Tool B15R-5
  • Rotating columned crane structure with electric chain hoist
  • two channel Vibration Data Acquisition / Analyzer Viber X5
  • Data acquisition / analysis and trend-making software

Name and contact details of the Intermediary Body:
MAG-Hungarian Economic Development Center Zrt.

National Development Agency