Repair of electric motors

In the case when the electric motor is fault the reason of them should investigate. The most of the failures are generated by mechanical faults.

In which cases is necessary to improve the electric motor?

  • old insulation
  • noisy bearings
  • permanent overload
  • contaminated engine
  • unbalanced rotor
  • broken shield, foot or flange

How to improve the electrical motor company?

  • AC motors, generators and complete repair of 400 kW.
  • DC motors, generators and complete repair of 250 kW.
  • Special design electric motors to improve: Dahlander and a multiple motors, pumps and drum motor, vibrating

What should we know about patch provided by an electric motor?

After our workshop repair supplies equipment disassembly of the mechanical dimensions and electrical tests in all cases the results are recorded. The reconditioned machines, electric motors in our test bench with locked rotor and no load test, perform tests according to standards, which have been prepared. The minutes shall pass to the customer needs.

Other services in the field of electric motor repair:

  • rewinding Class “F” insulation
  • balancing
  • repair of different mechanical repairs
  • bearing replacement (FAG, SKF or which the partner like)
  • Replacement of other components (flanges, fans, cases, etc.)
  • improving insulation, impregnation